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End the plastic bag ban

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We, the undersigned, wish to express our dissatisfaction with Australian State legislation (and any proposed State legislation) banning ‘single-use’ plastic bags, and demand that all State Governments repeal this legislation.

The undersigned also demand that in states where there is no government-mandated plastic bag ban (NSW, VIC) big grocers like Coles and Woolworths end their self-imposed ban on ‘single-use’ plastic bags.

The reasons for petitioning the above entities are as follows:

  • There is no evidence to support the premise that banning ‘single use’ bags prevents damage to the environment. In fact, the Government’s Productivity Commission Report into Waste Management 2006 (p.xxxiv) found a weak case for introducing such a policy;
  • The term ‘single use’, which has been recently applied to the original free bags, was conceived of a need to sell the bag ban to the public. There is absolutely no evidence to support the accuracy of this description;
  • There was a lack of broad consumer consultation prior to the ban, and;
  • Agenda-driven, well-resourced environmental groups were able to wield greater influence over government and grocers and therefore achieve their preferred outcome of a ban on bags;
  • Big grocers such as Woolworths and Coles stand to profit from consumers on the strength of this legislation, an ethical concern that lawmakers should have addressed;
  • Small businesses are forced to carry the higher cost of compliance;
  • Families and low income earners are unfairly burdened with extra bag costs.

Government interference in the trivialities of a simple shopping trip contributes to the erosion of individual freedom and liberty. This is un-Australian.

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