End The Fence blocking Majestic Lake from view on Taylor Rd through Richland

End The Fence blocking Majestic Lake from view on Taylor Rd through Richland

July 17, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by tim moraru

This beautiful Lake Wetland is an important local Heritage 

A fence was built blocking around half of the Majestic Lake. For what reason? No one knows. It seems to be out of spite.

We have heard it was to prevent foot traffic moving through the yard of the owner of the house on its edge. Why not just build the fence close to the edge then? 

Why does it need to be extended outward, 150+ ft? 

It does NOT need to be, it would be just as effective towards the edge/corner of the lake, rather than extend halfway out.

Obstructing it's view (by building a fence) has been a burden on all of us who live here & any who commute through. This has caused much frustration, sadness & confusion through the community, for it seems all of the people I speak with, living in this neighborhood, unanimously have strong negative feelings against this fence. 


It just doesn't make sense, why the fence extends so long, blocking the view of this Majestic Lake. There is no logic, so it feels like it just exists out of spite, or disdain for the residents here. 

To the Homeowner who owns the fence: we are reaching out to you, collectively, to request that you tear down this fence. 

"Mr. Homeowner, Please TAKE DOWN THIS FENCE!"

By doing so, you will earn goodwill, favor, and respect from everyone in the community, who will truly respect where your fence begins.

(You can just move the fence back towards to the edge of lake) 


 The following is a statement, reflecting the feelings of a great multitude in this community:


We the people living in the Richland Neighborhood, demand the fence on Taylor Rd, obstructing the view of the Lake, be completely removed and never rebuilt. 

They can build one very close to their house, on the edge of the lake if they wish, but not to obstruct the view of the lake.

The fence built years ago covering up the Richland Lake on Taylor Rd, vis a vis the Richland pool area, is an eyesore and an insult to everyone living in the neighborhood, and driving this road. 

The fence blocks around HALF of the total view of the lake. It is not necessary for it's intended purpose, which (as we understand) is to block foot traffic from the culdesac/street running through the yard of the house on the lakes edge, to pedestrians cutting through to get to the pool. 

Again, The fence can be built much further down near the house, instead of blocking half of the entire view.. it would be just as helpful for blocking the foot traffic cutting through their yard, as well as give them the privacy needed. 

The beauty of the lake deserves to be protected from this man-made obstruction, as do the residents of this neighborhood which pay a considerable amount not just to live here, but for HOA fees which are supposed to work to keep the value of properties high & generally protect the good of the whole, even sometimes at the discontent of an individual. 

This fence is arguably contributing to a decrease in desirability & value of this neighborhood, a frustration for ALL residents, and a huge eyesore. It feels insulting to everyone living here and paying these HOA dues. 

We the people of this neighborhood, desire and demand to be heard by our HOA, to take down the remnants of this fence and never build it again. (Only permitting fencing very close to the house who owns the property at the edge). The fence should not block out even 10% of the view. 


After speaking with the HOA, I understand that they have tried everything possible, but due to a loophole in the by-laws, they were not able to enforce the removal of fence.

Apparently, the homeowner in question has already gotten lawyers and sued or threatened to sue before. 

It appears that they are doing all of this out of spite, hatred, and disdain for any of their neighbors. I did not want to jump to this conclusion, but all the factors point to this. (I hope to be proved wrong).

Since this is the case, we may need to assemble a Legal team, so a Go-fund me will be started if that's the case.

We can win this if we stand united in this, and are persistent. Please reach out to me if you wish to contribute in any way. There are many of us, but we need to take the steps necessary to ensure our voice is heard. 


Thank you 


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Signatures: 48Next Goal: 50
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