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End the Federal Reserve

In 1913 the Congress shirked their constitutional responsibilities concerning the nation’s money and handed it over to a private corporation in the form of a central banking system. The Federal Reserve System is not a part of our federal government, and there is no reserve of real money (gold and silver), and it is not constitutional.

These bankers have been given authority by the people’s representatives in Congress to print paper money, and now electronic money, out of nothing. There is nothing backing the money up. Check out Ron Paul speaking on these things here: .

They have built an economic house of cards that is not real. And the Fed now cannot let it fall. The world would be thrown into a depression so severe that the middle class would cease to exist overnight, services would grind to a halt, and an ice cold panic would ensue. The rich men don’t want that, for their greatest fear are the marauding mobs. This is the reason that the Fed will do anything to keep the house of cards standing, even though it is only an illusion.

In 1913, the American people trusted their elected representatives in Congress to truly look out for their best interests. But they were deceived by the mostly rich men who were in Congress that year. For Congress in the dark of night, during a recess, passed the Federal Reserve Act. And President Woodrow Wilson did not have the peoples’ back, for he did not veto it. Wilson was in the hip pocket of the rich men, relying on the advice of Colonel House, who had the rich men’s best interests at heart.

The Bible speaking to these rich men says, “Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days” (James 5: 3). During the last days your cartel has amassed untold wealth on the backs of the workers. But you and your riches shall come down at the end when Christ returns to set up His government built on love and truth (James 5: 1-7).

To get a picture of when the house of cards falls, read Revelation 18. They weep and lament when their corrupt system falls in one hour.

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