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Richard, 40, son of a psychology graduate and GP doctor has experienced decades of child abuse, bullying, emotional cruelty and rapes. 

His childhood best friend, Matt G and his friend Shug raped Richard when he was 17. 

Richard’s parents decided to not tell their own son he was autistic / ADHD, probably to protect his dad’s well paying job and the family reputation. His brother had already been diagnosed after he had also been badly bullied at the school they were forced to goto on the other side of town where Richard was punched in the face over 25 times for being autistic. 

This bullying happened and is happening because he has autism and ADHD. 

Now he also has PTSD from being raped in October by Ryan who confessed that he did this because Richard is vulnerable.

On a cocaine fueled evening Ryan and Gaby met with Natasha (Richards ex) who was bitter from being dumped 15 years ago. Natasha arranged with her best friend Jo to have Richard raped using Gaby as a decoy. Gaby and Ryan were using hard drugs after their children had been taken away for family abuse and they were ordered into the Priory rehab. 

Since being drugged and raped Richard has been unstable and tried to get painkillers from the doctor but she was only able to proscribe diazepam for a week.  The doctor told Richard she was not able to proscribe him anything else so he asked for Sativex, legal cannabis as he had heard was good for PTSD and internal rape injuries. 

The doctor declined so Richard went to buy cannabis from the drug dealer, Dan who knew what had happened as Richard explained his situation, but Dan decided to deliberately sell weed laced with SPICE to Richard which he then unwittingly smoked thinking it was cannabis. 

Spice is a synthetic drug which if consumed makes a person VERY aggressive and paranoid. 

The spice made Richard act in a way he had never acted before and he texted harassing  messages to Natasha, who had organised his rape. Messages were also sent to a corrupt retiring businessman who Richard had recently proved to a judge that he was owed over £10,000 but the judge had thrown it out of court!

Richard also texted a corrupt policeman who had decided to ignore clear evidence of  harassment by Richards’ landlord and agent, the policeman ended up endangering Richard by upsetting him so much with threats of a video interview, that his house move was rushed and Richard ended up living with his would-be rapist for one night. 

The police then allowed Ryan to put all Richard’s stuff in storage and Richard was forced to pay hundreds of his benefit money to get his possessions back. This was extrenely traumatic for Richard. He had left his room locked but the police allowed Ryan entry and gave their blessing for him to move Richard’s posessions without Richard even knowing. The Met police rape division were then in the news for deliberately collapsing rape trials by hiding evidence. Richard was also not allowed to submit key evidence. 

Just weeks after being raped, Richard spent two nights in a cell for harassment charges that despite some accusations being dropped the magistrates court increased the grade of his charges for no particular reason and sent it to the crown court instead of magistrates. 

Instead of prosecuting Ruth, Edward, Ryan, Jo, Gaby, Natasha, Matt, Shug and Ryan they are trying to save money by putting Richard in prison. So the law considers texting is more serious than rape of an autistic, organising rapes, selling fake drugs to vulnerable people, theft and deceit and child abuse?!!! 

On the 27th of March 18 @ St Albans Crown Court are possibly going to put Richard in prison for texting. 

No one else has been put in a cell or punished for endless crimes against Richard, who is terrified of being beaten up and raped again in prison. All this at a time when he is trying to come to terms with decades of child abuse his parents inflicted upon him.

His mum spent two decades locking him up in the “bad boys porch” for hours on end, almost daily for his “unacceptable” ADHD / Aspergers meltdowns. 

Autism abuse is hidden in society and people victimise, rape, bully and steal from autistics every day because they are vulnerable. 

If you think Richard has suffered enough please sign the petition asking people to leave him alone to smoke medical cannabis in peace so he can deal with his PTSD symptoms and come to terms with how cruel society, his family and his best friend have been to him. 


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