End the besmirching of Dogs by the term “dog act/dogging/dogged” #DontCatOurDogs

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For too long our most loyal friends canines have been besmirched and let down by us by using the derogatory term “dog act”, “you dog”, houso favourite “ya dog c*nt”, “dogging the boys”, “dogged it” and so on and so on. 

I’m calling for an end to this, as dogs are everything but, they are loyal, willing to do anything for us, they are good boys. 

Lock both your wife and your dog in a car boot for a day, only one will be happy, kiss you and thank you when letting them out, one will punch you and have you charged. 

I’m calling for all dog related terms to be changed to CAT, after our sneaky feline friends, who will often leave our houses we feed and roof them in, for days on end, often forever finding new families. 

“cat act”, “you cat”, new houso favourite “ya cat c*nt”, “catting the boys”, “catted it”