End the Baby Formula Shortage Before It's Too Late

End the Baby Formula Shortage Before It's Too Late

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jennifer Reinhardt

The United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world and yet here we are struggling to feed our babies.

The shortage started because of supply chain issues as well as ingredient shortages.  And then in February of 2022 Abbott, one of the four main formula manufacturers of baby formula, issued a voluntary recall because of concerns of contamination. The plant was shuttered.

On May 11th, the FDA gave permission to the Abbott plant in Sturgis to release limited supplies of certain formulas based on current availability and severity of individuals needs. It appears this supply can only be order directly from Abbott at this point. 

The White House released details on plans to import a temporary supply of baby formula. They will also be working with states to relax WIC restrictions so families can purchase varying brands of formula. Finally, plans are being made to stabilize the supply over the long term. 

But what about today? Tomorrow? Next week? 

Can you imagine driving all of town for hours just to find another small can of formula that might the only way to feed your baby only to have it run out 3-4 days later? And they you are repeating that agonizing process over again? 

If we don't end the baby formula shortage NOW, these young children may sadly pay the ultimate price for our inaction. 

Our leaders, all our leaders, need to work together to find a way to get this vital product into the hands of families who desperately need it.

Local, state, and federal governments need to work together with the baby formula ingredient manufacturers, formula manufacturers, shippers in every stage of the process, retailers big and small, community organizations, and our citizens to find solutions. Those plans must be executed now. 

Help directly if you can. 

Hold our leaders accountable. 

Call, email or tag (on social media) your local congress people. 

Call, email or tag (on social media) your state senators. 

Express your outrage on social media. But do so with respect in addition to urgency. 

We need to end the baby formula shortage now. 



Jennifer Reinhardt

Mother, Small Business Advocate, & Owner of All About Cloth Diapers 

285 have signed. Let’s get to 500!