End Teen Gun Ownership

End Teen Gun Ownership

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Timothy Carney started this petition to Representative Nancy Pelosi and

End Teen Gun Ownership -

Over the past few months and over the past few years we've had to deal with the tragedy of some young people with psychological issues do some extreme things like going into to school's, hospitals, grocery stores and kill innocent young people. Then what makes it worse is when we have the debate from the left and from the right, where they talk a great game but rarely come up with the substantial root issues to take care of the problem.

I was very shocked and surprised that there was a bipartisan effort by the United States Senate to put together some changes to the current rules and regulations about gun ownership and our youth having psychological issues.

I grew up in a household full of guns, rifles, pistols and ammunition. My father was in the service for 21 years and he was an avid hunter and we went out hunting together all throughout my youth. He taught me how to use a gun when to use a gun and all the rules and regulations of hunting and handling of a weapon. He had given me several weapons to take care of however I was never able to use them without him being there and I wouldn't own them until I was 18. My Uncle taught me taught me all the cleaning maintenance and handling of a weapon. 

When I turned 18 I went hunting with a bunch of friends and I can look back with the eyes of a senior citizen and easily say that we did a bunch of stuff that was both stupid and dangerous. The drinking age was 18 and we were very lucky that people didn't get seriously injured. After that I have never fired a gun again.  

I agree with many of the people out there saying that we should increase the age to own any type of weapon. However in 46 states the age of majority or the age that somebody is considered an adult is 18 years old, in three states it's 19 and one at 21. The federal government made laws stating that you can't have a drink of alcohol, have a cigarette, buy a pistol or get a credit card until they are 21. That is the definition of age discrimination. 

Currently across the country our youths are confused when they are considered an adult because our laws are vague, conflicting and archaic. There are 50 states and over 3,000 counties with many different laws using ages from 13 to 26 years old to define when someone is considered an adult. For example; you can drop out of high school at 16 without parental permission, you can obtain your driver's license at 17, you can fight and die for this country at 18 years old and be charged extra if renting a car under 24 years old. 

Parents are confused when their parental responsibilities end and the government confuses everyone with the inconsistency and contradiction of the laws they make. Doctors say the body continues to grow and develop until the age of 20 years old. Brain Surgeons and Scientist say that a persons prefrontal cortex of their brain which handles executive decisions, doesn't fully mature until at least the age of 20 years old and they call it "Neuromaturation".  

Now in the new millennium we need to follow the science and our laws need to change as they intersect science and common sense. We have evolved from an agrarian society into an intellectually and technology based nation.  

Our laws need to evolve too. The AGE-OF-MAJORITY ACT states that;

All citizens of the United States on their 20th birthday will have ascended to the "Age-of-Majority" or the age someone is considered an adult and emancipated under federal law. This law bestows everyone with the rights of the majority and these rights shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state based on age.

Everyone under 20 years old will now be considered a minor under their parents or guardians responsibilities.

30 states allow teens to purchase long guns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Currently in the USA under the Safe Streets Act of 1968 the Age to purchase a handgun is 21 years old.

We believe everyone should be 20 years old to obtain a license to purchase or own ANY type of weapon, firearm or ammunition. If you have to obtain a license to drive a car, then you should have to get a license to use or purchase ANY type of weapon because it shows basic knowledge of all the rules and handling of a gun. 

Our mission is to pass this historic piece of legislation so there is only one legal age for all of the following laws, rules and regulations at the federal level. This would apply to the Age-of-Maturity, the Age-Of-Sexual Consent, the Marriageable Age, the School Leaving Age, Selective Service Age, Military Combat Age, Drinking Age, Smoking Age, Driving Age, Voting Age, Gambling Age, Licensing Age, Age to Obtain credit and the Age-Of-Criminal Responsibility.

Please watch our video, read the whole bill, help the movement and sign our petition to CHANGE THE AGE at www.ChangeTheAge.org !

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