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End Tax Inequality: Support the No Pledge Pledge - Tax-Us!


Join us by calling on our elected officials in Washington to end tax inequality.

279 congressmen and senators have signed an oath called "The Pledge" to never raise taxes, under any circumstances.  This pledge has caused political gridlock in Washington, prolonged the economic crisis, threatens our credit rating and the stability of our currency.

By signing this petition, regardless of your party affiliation, you are asking your elected representative to reject pledges to unelected officials, to adopt a "No Pledge Pledge" and to negotiate and compromise in the best interests of all Americans.

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Member of or Candidate for US Congress
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Members of Congress in Washington and candidates for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

Dear Legislator,

I just signed a petition asking you to reject "The Pledge" to never raise taxes.

Instead, I'm asking you to negotiate, compromise where necessary, to correct the economic inequity in our tax structure, to protect our middle class by closing loopholes, taxing those who've benefited from the unfunded tax cuts of the past decade, and to protect our underprivileged citizens. In fact, I'm asking you to take a No Pledge Pledge.

Regardless of party affiliation, I believe signing a pledge to anyone except to the people that elected you is counter to Constitution of The United States of America.

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