End Solitary Confinement in California

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Thousands of prisoners in California are forced to endure the torture of solitary confinement.

No one's life should be so brutally restricted.

You may think that everyone in solitary confinement is a dangerous criminal who deserves to be there. This is untrue. According to Solitary Watch,

"Far from being a last-resort measure reserved for the 'worst of the worst,' solitary confinement has become a control strategy of first resort in many prisons and jails. Today, incarcerated men and women can be placed in complete isolation for months or years not only for violent acts but for possessing contraband, testing positive for drug use, ignoring orders, or using profanity. Others have ended up in solitary because they have untreated mental illnesses, are children in need of 'protection,' are gay or transgender, are Muslim, have unsavory political beliefs, or report rape or abuse by prison officials."

If someone really is so dangerous that they can't come into contact with other people, they should be kept in high security prisons with reform programs to help them. They should not be kept in mentally destructive rooms from which there is no escape.

We are collaborating with California Prison Focus and the Prison Activist Resource Center in order to reform California's prison system.

Join us in our struggle to end this cruel and unusual punishment.

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