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END Sexual Harassment: Free & Safe Egypt

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To everyone who demands Security and Dignity for Women

My name is Hisham El-Etreby; 31 and self-employed. I live in Cairo Egypt, a city and country where Female Sexual Harassment is growing popular and gaining strong momentum. I can not be part of the society and keep silent; I do NOT condone such passiveness and will FIGHT back. A few days ago, over 50 female protesters marched the down town Cairo streets to raise awareness and ask for safer streets and they were brutally molested   ( What will become of my country if such Female-directed violence and mob-based mentality grow and become rampant? And to add insult to the injury (literally) none of Egypt’s ‘prominent’ politicians, presidential nominees or over-abundant ‘religious’ figures denounced, refused or commented.
The society refuses to acknowledge this as a full scale problem and it is. Women are afraid to walk the streets, be it an upscale neighbourhood or not. The problem has nothing to do with the new post-revolution order or a lady’s dress code; such gender-based violence targets all females and has been around for years.

We need the media to give this issue all the attention it deserves. We need the wealthy to sponsor the learning and educational centres that the Harassers will be ordered to attend for mandatory classes and sessions of the Egyptian women and the pain of Harassment. We need our legislative body to apply the law and stop such lawlessness from spreading any further. Women are not to be bullied or forced back into homes.

Egypt’s laws need to be revised, tweaked and improved against this sort of behaviour but ink on paper is just that without the necessary enforcement and its long reaching arm.

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