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End the sex offender registry ,and end all the laws

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Double Jeopardy is the law.   Those who are put on a sex offender registry or any registry and have to follow all those laws are given Double Jeopardy.  Its cruel and unusual punishment.  People should do there time and be given a chance to restart there life and live it in a productive manner  they are not given this chance.   People kill them, humiliate them, and ban them.  This is not how America should be they should have civil rights lets give them there rights.  Sure if they commit another sex offense lock them up for a long time take away good behavior points, but give them a chance.  It has been proven most sex offenders do not re-offend.  Why dont we give them the counseling they need and let a professional decide what kind of help they need.  Stop using tax payers money on non-sense in this economy.  There is much better and more productive things the money is needed for.  Lets take a stand, and make our country a more peaceful country to live in.  We are struggling in our economy enough, dont you think.  Why continue on this path?  Lets stand up for ourselves.

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