End Russia-Ukraine war via diplomatic NATO cooperation

End Russia-Ukraine war via diplomatic NATO cooperation

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Started by Ponmani Mayalagu


Iam an MBA qualified commoner and have done my thesis in 'Human Resources'  from The University of Northampton, UK in policy and procedures.

My research indicates that the root cause for the Russia-Ukraine war is due to NATO'S ambition to expand to the east.

This Petition is to request the NATO organization to stop their expansion in the east anymore as my research indicates that this will de-escalate the war between Russia and ukraine and will bring peace in the eastern Europe zone.

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A document has been found in British archive that confirms that Western countries in negotiations in 1989-1991 promised the USSR they would not expand NATO eastward.Joshua Shiffrinzon, American political scientist confirms it in his research, however Shiffrinzon confirms that the west after the fall of Berlin did not sign legally binding agreement with the Kremlin but everyone involved in those negotiations acted in good faith.

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Faith, love, charity is needed for any country to live peaceful with other country or its own neighbouring country.NATO supports democratic values.Democratic values were birthed from faith, love and charity. Now is the time to act the good faith discussed during 1989-1991, inorder to end the war  between Russia and ukraine.I kindly request the NATO organization to sign an agreement with Russia NOT to expand anymore towards east to de-escalate the tensions between Russia-Ukraine and to bring peace in the eastern Europe because people are the greatest asset of a nation.To save people, war must be ended at any cost but NOT at the cost of a human life. 

1 is single, 2 is double,3 is a family, 4 and above is a large family. A nation is a large family. Ukraine is a family. Russia is a family. My heart breaks to see two families fighting with each other and I do believe in good faith that the people from the world family also feel the same. In a war, no one wins. What anyone calls " Victory" in a war, is death of soldiers, civilians, dreams and destruction of a nation.During this season when many in the world celebrated Easter, I want to remind you that, Lord Jesuschrist died on the cross so that we, the people of this world may live.Every human being in this world have the right to live  and " Right to live " is the greatest democratic value.As NATO supports democratic values, I kindly and humbly request the NATO organization to consider my appeal. I kindly request the world family to support me in this effort to end Russia-Ukraine war by signing this petition because we, as a world family can end this war by taking effort in signing this petition in order to create a peaceful world family .With all of my heart I do believe NATO organization agreeing to this request will lead to the de-escalation of war between Russia-Ukraine  and eventually will help both Russia and ukraine to make peace to end this war.

Thank you for your cooperation.



61 have signed. Let’s get to 100!