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End rattlesnake round-ups.

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Rattlesnake round-ups are inhumane events that are still happening in six states; Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  These horrifc events have caused a drastic decline in the rattlesnake population.  This not only creates a problem for rattlesnakes, which hold an important role in the foodweb, but also destorys turtle burrows which more than 350 species depend on for food and shelter.

One known place of these round-ups is in Sweetwater Texas. Sweetwater's annual rattlesnake round-up is held each year.  This festival is centered around catching as many rattlesnakes possible then storing them in barrels, suffocating them, and spraying them with gasoline until the festival starts where they are then slaughtered by the hundreds.  Some popular parts of the event include cutting rattlesnakes heads off, skinning them,  and allowing kids to dip their hands in the snakes blood and leave their hand prints along a wall.

In March of 2014 3,890 lbs of rattle snakes were captured and slaughtered at the Sweetwater rattlesnake round-up.  What most people don't realize is that rattlesnakes are only a threat to humans when provoked or scared which causes defense strikes.  This event is advertised as educational and fun for the whole family but there is NOTHING educational about the slaughtering of thousands of defenseless animals.  Please join me in my fight to make this event illegal.  Animal cruelty is wrong and its shocking that events like these are still occurring. An animal is an animal no matter what species it is, after all imagine if this was happening to thousands of cats or dogs each year.

We should be teaching our children to respect all life rather than teaching them viciously slaughtering a helpless animal is okay.  If we teach our children that this is okay what will they do to humans as they grow up?  Please sign my petition to ask the remaining six states to make this illegal and end this disgusting festival that slaughters thousands of innocent snakes each year.

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