End Ranked-Choice Voting in Maine and return to traditional voting

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We the undersigned declare that in light of the following statement of facts, we oppose the future use of ranked-choice voting in Maine's elections and any attempt by the United States House of Representatives to seat Jared Golden before all legal remedy has been sought;

The voters of Maine's Second Congressional District have twice voted in opposition to the unconstitutional ranked-choice voting method being implemented in Congressional elections or any state election;

The ranked-choice process violates the Constitutional rights of some voters and violates the principle of one person, one vote;

The ranked-choice voting method disenfranchises voters in multiple ways, including, but not limited to: denying voters for leading candidates equal voice to voters for losing candidates and creating barriers to voting for voters with disabilities and elderly voters;

The ranked-choice voting method opens the door to election manipulation by creating a path for candidates to run specifically for the purpose of "gaming" the system, as evidenced by public statements from candidate Tiffany Bond after the election;

The ranked-choice voting method denies local election clerks their constitutional duties of counting the votes at the local level by requiring transportation to a central location in Augusta;

The ranked-choice voting method does not create a "majority" winner of elections, as evidenced by the final vote totals in the recent Congressional election. Instead, it creates a "fake majority" that is not the majority promised by RCV supporters when the referendum was passed;

The ranked-choice voting method creates too many security vulnerabilities as evidenced by numerous ballot boxes being transported without padlocks; memory sticks shipped in unsecure manila envelopes and reports of memory sticks left unsecured on election day that were transported in voting machines from one location to another;

The ranked-choice voting method is costly and time-consuming. Just one election took nearly 9 days to complete, and in instances where numerous elections go to ranked-choice election retabulation, Maine's government will find itself paralyzed;

Jared Golden is only the winner of an as yet questionable ranked-choice tabulation, but did not win the traditional Maine election. No candidate for Congress with such a weak claim to office should be allowed a seat in the House.