End Random Testing for CUNY Students

End Random Testing for CUNY Students

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Why this petition matters

Started by Matt Sanders

CUNY has mandated that all students submit to "random" COVID testing without advance warning in order to maintain their clearance to attend classes on-campus.

The implementation of these COVID tests is bureaucratic and discriminatory!

As per CUNY's mission statement, their goal is "to provide a world-class education to all students, regardless of means or background." Yet their rollout of these mandates--which we, as CUNY students, did not consent to--is an extra burden on hardworking students of non-privileged backgrounds.

WHY are we being forced to submit to "random" testing, when we did not consent to this as students?

WHY are only CUNY-approved test sites permissible when there are abundant non-CUNY clinical sites? (hint: it's budgetary)

WHAT evidence can they offer in support of randomized testing, when Risk levels are listed as LOW or MEDIUM, and self-quarantine is more effective? (as per nyc.gov)

WHAT evidence can they offer for the prevalence of asymptomatic transmission, which would necessitate random testing?

WHAT gives them the right to prohibit students from entering campus once they are vaccinated, in contrast to ALL OTHER vaccinations approved pre-enrollment?

WHERE did they get the nerve to tell vaccinated students that they must submit to fickle demands at the drop of a hat in order to continue attending a PUBLIC CAMPUS?


Let the CUNY busy-bodies know that they CANNOT bloat their COVID budgets on your back! That they cannot force YOU to go to a random site on a random day, lest you fear being banished from campus!

Make no mistake: This is not an act of "protection", in your best interest, to stop the spread of a deadly disease. This is nothing more than a capricious, half-baked attempt by some administrators to show some politicians that they have """done everything they can""" to stop COVID on campus.

This mandate is NOT concerned with your safety. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

This mandate is simply about compliance, and growing the CUNY budget. Other universities are happy to accept outside testing results. CUNY insists you comply with theirs. Other universities are not forcing "random" tests, but simply encouraging self-quarantine with symptoms. CUNY insists you comply with their mandates.

Let your voice be heard!


7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!