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CP24 Revised Sow’s Photo

The community has spoken! It only took Twitter anger from us, 9 hours since the petition was created and 154 signatures to have caused CP24’s reporter Chris Herhalt to update Sow’s photo to his graduation picture. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK COMMUNITY!

But here’s this... revising the picture does not prove CP24 has taken this as seriously. This quick revision without a word to us or Sow’s family tells me such act is aimed to temporarily appease and silence us, and NOT an act of digging deeper into make permanent changes in the way they report POC.

Please continue to share and encourage Herhault and CP24 that there are three requests of this petition, one of which is a PUBLIC apology to POC Communities they’ve effected, which would acknowledge US and our allies. Let’s keep pushing.

keisha prince
1 year ago