End Prison Gerrymandering Philadelphia #SocialJustice4CensusAllocations

End Prison Gerrymandering Philadelphia #SocialJustice4CensusAllocations

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Philadelphia City Council is currently remapping our resources and votes aka redistricting our city. Please join the demand for Philadelphia to end the practice of prison gerrymandering and keep at least $21,000 in Census Allocations per sister and brother behind bars per year for the next ten years in their hometown of Philadelphia where they will return within those ten years. These Census Allocations are for our schools, libraries, parks, affordable housing, roads and so many more public resources.

Please sign this petition and if you can please register to testify:  Bill No. 220003 which describes the proposed map released by Council President Darrell Clarke. Public hearing on Feb. 2, at 10 am,  Amendments to the map are being considered now so if you have specific concerns, those should be shared with Council ASAP 



Speakers interested in giving testimony must call 215 821 6625 or send an e-mail to chris.goy@phila.gov by 3 p.m. the day before the hearing (Tue, 2/1) and submit the following information:

Full name (with proper pronunciation)
Callback telephone number where you can be reached to testify on the day of the hearing
Identify the bill number that will be addressed (Bill No. 220003)
Speakers who submitted the above information within the required time frame will be telephoned during the public hearing and invited to the remote hearing by phone.


For More Information:
Patrick Christmas
Policy Director
Committee of Seventy
123 South Broad Street, Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19109267-940-4503 (o)
919-423-7281 (c)

Prison gerrymandering is violating our Pa. constitution protections for census allocations and fair representation. Prison gerrymandering occurs when prisons are built in rural areas to inflate that communities population for political redistricting and federal allocations based on the census count. According to our Pennsylvania constitution, it is unlawful to count incarcerated people for these census allocations. Unlawful because our brothers and sisters behind bars are counted for the use of roads, hospitals, playgrounds, schools and libraries they have no access to. Unlawful because the elected officials in these districts never hear the concerns of our brothers and sisters behind bars. This defeats one person one vote because our brothers and sisters behind bars, are counted for the vote but are banned from voting.

Please sign this petition and share this urgent request to your network!! Thanks for taking a stand to end prison gerrymandering in Philadelphia!!

#SocialJustice4CensusAllocations #SocialJusticeStopsTheViolence #PaVoterCourtWatch #MadeInAmerica

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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