End Police Corruption in Nashville, TN

End Police Corruption in Nashville, TN

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Started by James Kenton


Exposing the Civil and Constitutional Injustices Against James Kenton Roofing Contractor
"Roofing Contractor James Kenton Wrongfully Accused of Crime: Exposing Civil and Constitutional Injustices in Nashville, TN


James Kenton, a Nashville-based roofing contractor, was wrongfully accused of a crime, and his story is a clear example of how the criminal justice system can go wrong. In July 2022, Kenton's life was turned upside down when his roofing contractor license, land, and boat were taken away due to fake felony charges. The corrupt detective involved in the case was Detective William Thorowgood.

Thankfully, the criminal case against Kenton was soon dismissed, and his property was returned to him. However, the State and Assistant District Attorney, Chadwick Jackson, was not done with him yet. Kenton had to file a lawsuit that exposed the civil and constitutional violations against him, and in response, the State and ADA slapped five more felony charges on him.

These charges were filed as retaliation for Kenton demanding recompense for the civil and constitutional rights violations that occurred during the first criminal case against him. 

The media coverage of Kenton's case was unfair and portrayed him in a negative light. Instead of relying on sensationalized news websites, read about the case details for James Kenton vs. Tennessee here."


You can read more about the property that the Wilson County Judge Ordered back to Mr. James Kenton and the lawsuit filed against the State of Tennessee and ADA Chadwick Jackson.




1,025 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!