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Mothers and fathers are fighting each day to maintain contact with their children.  Many lost custody of their children through bias, corruption in family courts, and parental alienation.  Parental alienation is when one parent speaks ill of another parent to a point where their children do the same.  Parental alienation is a form of child abuse.  Children need both parents to love and guide them to success in their lives. 

Targeted parents can be both male and female.  Alienating parents can be both male and female.  The gender of the alienating parent is not the issue.  The alienating parent sets out to destroy the healthy relationship of the targeted parent and their children.  It is time legislators, family courts, and therapists need to listen and help us repair our relationships with our children.

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I am writing to you about an issue that is close to my heart. It regards the children of divorce. Many divorces are deamed as high conflict. It is time to end a phenomena called parental alienation. I am asking you to reinforce family law codes across the country. Visitation needs to enforced as rigorously as child support is. If there is alcoholism and domestic violence in a family, family law code must be honored and enforced. If CPS is involved in a family, judges must be forced to stay decisions until their decision has been reached. If an alienating parent is viciously attacking a targeted parent, then force court systems to punish the alienating parent with strong sanctions and contempt charges. Please protect our children from this horrible form of abuse. Our children should not be forced to choose between parents.

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