End Ontario Lockdowns, Save Businesses and People

End Ontario Lockdowns, Save Businesses and People

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Joe Henzington started this petition to Doug Ford

       For the past few years, Doug Ford has locked down Ontario, preventing the opening of small businesses and ruining lives by not allowing the people of Ontario to perform basic everyday activities in order to maintain our essential mental health and wellbeing. Each and every lockdown announcement Doug Ford has stated "I know it has been tough but we will get through this together. With these new restrictions, we will end covid-19." 

       In fact, we will not end covid-19. It has been made clear to the people of Ontario that covid will always be around. We have also followed direct orders from the Doug Ford Government which has caused more harm than the covid-19 pandemic itself. It's time for the Ford Government to realize that covid will not go away and we cannot prevent it by locking the province down again and again and again.

       Multiple studies by health experts all over the world suggest that covid-19 will be the new influenza/flu season that we go through annually. The Ford Government/Ontario Government has never enacted a lockdown due to the flu season. It is time to stop these lockdowns.

       Small businesses like family restaurants continue to struggle financially and do not know what the foreseeable future holds because the rules always change. That provides a great level of stress on small business owners who require their business to be fully functional in order to make a steady income. 

Let's say we have a small family run restaurant run by 2 parents in a small community in Ontario that has been in business since 2000. This community has a huge tourism rate with hundreds of thousands visiting the community every year. The family run restaurant relies not only on locals, but greatly on tourists that happen to stop in and eat on their trip through town. If no stores are open tourists won't come. If you're unable to dine in at this restaurant, you will not be dining outside in January. Doug Ford says take out is an option however how will these tourists know to call the restaurant if they don't know it's there?

       Because these tourists cannot go to the restaurant, the families income has been cut drastically and they begin to stress about how to make ends meet for their children at home. Multiply that entire situation 4 times because of 4 lockdowns. This family restaurant eventually has to close it's doors because they have put all their hard work and money into trying to keep their head above water in such a difficult time. Now this owners of this family restaurant have no way of an income and cannot raise 2 children at home without jobs and cannot survive off of government wages. This has been happening to thousands of families across the province. 

       Mental health wellbeing does not exist for many others anymore because of complete provincial lockdowns. There have been proven studies that daily routines for people, keep ones mental health at a good level. These routines include, going to work Monday-Friday, going to the gym everyday and maybe a yoga session a few times a week in order to alleviate stress from your Monday-Friday job. Also toss in a Friday night out with friends at the local bar to settle down after a long work week. Take all of that and cut it out. Now you have nothing. No work, no personal life, no social life and no happiness. No happiness eventually leads to mental health problems and depression. If you suffer from any mental health problems currently, good luck finding help because services were limited even prior to the pandemic. They're virtually non existent now. No services for mental health eventually lead to suicide. 

       No matter what your situation is or what your lifestyle is, we can all agree we've been greatly affected by the decisions of the Ford Government. It's time to end it once and for all and save the lives of many more by ending these lockdowns and restrictions that have little to no impact on the pandemic but a huge impact on mental health of every citizen in Ontario.

       If you run a small business or know someone who does, support them by signing this petition to end government lockdowns.

101 have signed. Let’s get to 200!