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Stop Puppy Mills! No more pain!

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Puppy mills continue to grow everyday and it needs to be stopped! Owners of mills only care for money and not for the life of their dogs. Most cases the breeding dogs are placed outside whatever the weather is without food and water and when the dogs cannot breed anymore the owners kill them off. Due to the mass amount of breeding puppies are placed in wired cages or wooden crates with other puppies where there is no room to move. Having no place to move in their prison they defecate on each other which causes the spread of diseases and infections. Not to mention the lack of food and water for the puppies, which in the end most die. Also when it comes mass amount of breeding some puppies come out with conditions and when they do if its noticeable they are killed off and the ones who does not show their conditions are continued on to sell. Once puppies are old enough and live their are to be sold to puppy stores in your neighborhood. On their journey to the store they are stuffed in crates with the others puppies again with lack of food and water. From what you have read I hope this hurts you just as much as this has hurt me. Just the thought of killing off dogs, not giving them the proper care and love is just sickening! Government and Humane society need to crack down on puppy mills and make sure that if licensed they are taking good care of their dogs and keep an eye on their owners. If not licensed they must be shut down and save all the dogs before they are killed. Ending the sales of mill puppies in dog stores, by making sure papers are honest and checked and if they fail they are shut down. I hope that all you animal lovers agree with me and help me end this crisis! No more dogs should be used and thrown away or look down on if they are hurt. Must get medical help and placed in better growing conditions with endless amount of water and food! What you can personally do to help this cause is not only signing, but also do not buy from puppy stores! Adopt should be the first option, but they less puppies they sell the less quantity will be bred and slowly mills will shut down. Only way this can end is by a mass community taken action by signing this petition and stop buying from puppy stores. For more information you can go on Humane society, ASPCA and PETA's web pages. Thanks for reading!

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