End Michigan State University's Entrenched Culture of Abuse NOW!

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We are asking MSU’s FUNDERS—including foundations, corporations, and major donors like Eli Broad, to WITHHOLD donations—until the university makes the people whom it has damaged in the past, whole—and verifiably transforms MSU's toxic victim-blaming culture.


Larry Nassar's abuse was POSSIBLE because MSU's Crisis Playbook is to: 1) HIDE PROBLEMS, and then 2) ATTACK VICTIMS IF THEY SPEAK OUT.

During past potential PR Crises, MSU has:

1. WASTED taxpayer dollars by building a privacy wall and patio door for a Residence Life Director who was serially pursuing sexual relations with students in the building he managed—rather than fire him. That was years before Larry Nassar...

2. DISSOLVED a student government and stolen its funds—because members were requesting an overhaul of services in the Graduate Hall. (That involved a banking crime and a felony—and it was enabled by an MSU Vice President).

3. FAILED to protect students when a survey found that yet another Residence Life Hall Director was seeking out sexual liaisons with multiple students in her building—while also keeping NO regular office hours.

4. FAILED to intervene in a student SUICIDE ATTEMPT of which ADMINISTRATORS HAD BEEN WARNED--then COVERED-UP their negligence. (Same building / staff where the students wanted improved services!).

5. CRIMINALLY MISUSED the MSU judicial system as a KANGAROO COURT against student government activists when they sought changes in that facility's staffing, because they didn't want to see another person jump off a 5th floor balcony. (We sought an on-site mental health counselor, an additional night security person, and improved cross-cultural programming--logical things in a building with stressed-out graduate students, and the plan we presented would have saved $100,000 per year).

6. THREATENED to OUT the author of this petition as gay if he didn’t STOP talking about problems like these publicly. (I persisted). Lawyers would call this behavior "simple extortion," BTW.

7. THREATENED to also out my friend as LGBT when using my LGBT status against me didn't work! (This worked far TOO well, as I became clinically depressed and accumulated $100,000 in student loan debt). 

8. USED MSU's "Judicial System" to silence my friend using a trumped-up charge of racism. (That ALSO worked FAR too well. He became clinically depressed and dropped out of school after accumulating $40,000 in student loan debt).
9. FAILED to provide ANY degree oversight  when my friend and I became deeply depressed by MSU's actions. Neither of us were able to rapidly seek help in the counseling center--because it was overseen by the SAME university Vice President who stole student government funds and used the MSU Judicial System to cover his own gross negligence.

10. Despite the fact that neither of us was making degree progress, MSU processed student loan paperwork that certified we were making degree progress. Both our departments and the financial aid office had to do so. (That enriched MSU by $140,000 in the process). This is negligent oversight of federal funds. 

I have written about these issues to EVERY MSU President since John DiBiaggio--and ALL have failed to undo the damage. Some, like Gordon Guyer and Lou Anna Simon were complicit in its happening. John Engler has not responded since February, 2018.


It’s time to make a clean break with the past. 

We ask that Michigan State University please:

1. OWN the fact that you have a longstanding, entrenched problem at MSU. 

2. DON'T claim Sovereign Immunity and Statute of Limitations exceptions regarding the students, gymnasts, and others who have been injured due to MSU’s actions (and inaction). SETTLE all valid claims of damage—and STOP blaming the victims.

3. Require periodic sexual harassment and ethical conduct training for all MSU faculty and staff.

4. Ask each candidate in your current Presidential search how they will transform MSU into the university it should be. This isn’t a philosophical question—ask them for their plan.

When MSU has taken these steps, we will retract our demand that all of MSU’s funders an donors withhold their contributions from State But for long as there is inaction, we will be circulating this petition to all of Michigan State University’s funders, alumni, and major donors.

Yours Respectfully and Hopefully,

M.J. Furey, III & The Many Concerned Signers Below...

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