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Running pen operations pit a pack of dogs against a single wild-caught coyote or fox as a form of hunt training for the dogs. The coyote or fox has nowhere to run and is mauled. With hunter's comprising less than 5% of Indiana's population, we can be louder. Take action to stop this profoundly cruel blood sport now. PHOTOS:

Letter to
Indiana Natural Resources Commission Jennifer Kane
Indiana Natural Resources Commission Sandra Jensen
Iowa Governor
My comments pertain to citizen petitions that seek to ban use of coyotes and red foxes in "penning" and as bait. I urge INRC to advance the rulemaking procedure that would disallow entrapment, harassment and slaughter of coyotes and foxes at running pen operations. I also hope Governor Daniels asserts his authority to put a stop to this inhumane activity.

As you know, "penning" entails the trapping, sale or barter of coyotes and foxes to hound hunting facilities. Wild-caught canids are penned separately, so that multiple dogs can literally rip apart a single coyote or fox. It is hard to believe that a blood sport similar to illegal dog or cockfighting is still legal in Indiana.

To deliberately torture a wild animal under the guise of "sport" is not only grotesque -- but also ecologically irresponsible. Furthermore, the transport of wild animals slated for penning has been linked with transmission of rabies and other diseases.

On March 16, 2010, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources conveys results from its assessment of hunting/trapping regulations related to coyotes and foxes. This report covers penning.

Wildlife enthusiasts far outnumber hunters, who comprise less than 5% of Indiana's population. I encourage INRC and Governor Daniels to weigh these petitions, from your citizens, and advocate an end to the capture of foxes and coyotes to use as training bait for dogs.

Thank you,

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