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End LGBTQ discrimination by religious groups


All employees need to be protected from workplace discrimination, but the Senate is at risk of passing a non-discrimination bill that actually allows religious organizations to discriminate against LGBTQ workers.

Just two weeks ago, a teacher at a Catholic school in Arkansas traveled with her partner to New Mexico to get married -- and 40 minutes after the wedding, she received a call from her principal firing her for violating the school's "moral clause."

This problem is far too common across the country -- and we need to make sure that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act doesn't leave out people like this Arkansas school teacher who have done nothing but live out their own private lives.

We're asking four progressive champions in the Senate -- Senators Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Sherrod Brown -- to stand with us in opposing the broad religious exemptions that actually write discrimination into a non-discrimination bill. Unless progressive champions stand up and fight for all LGBTQ workers, workplace equality will always have as asterisk behind it.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Sherrod Brown
Senator Elizabeth Warren
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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
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The LGBTQ community desperately needs federal workplace protections -- but the version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act pending in the Senate right now falls short of delivering on those protections. The very broad religious exemptions in the bill create wide loopholes for schools, hospitals, universities -- any institution or entity that wants to claim in a court of law that they have a religious affiliation or connection.

While I strongly support ending workplace discrimination, this bill actually gives permission to discriminate, and cements into law that religious bigotry is permissible.

I urge you to speak out from the Senate floor in opposition to these broad religious exemptions, and to stand up for *all* LGBTQ Americans!

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