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End inmate Adam Capay's 1500+ day solitary confinement. Humane treatment for all Canadians

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No Canadian should be confined for 1500+ days in solitary confinement in a Plexiglass cell that is brightly lit 24 hours a day. The treatment of this inmate is appalling, inhumane and entirely unacceptable. We appeal to the Honorable David Orazietti, Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, to improve the conditions for this inmate immediately. We also demand a review of the current system to ensure that no other inmate in Ontario is treated this way.

Hon David Orazietti
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
18th Floor, George Drew Building
25 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1Y6
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Below is an excerpt of article from the Globe and Mail, describing the inhumane treatment of Canadian inmate Adam Capay.

First Nations chief calls prisoner’s treatment in solitary ‘inhumane’

PATRICK WHITE        October 21st, 2016.

A First Nations chief has joined the effort to free a young aboriginal man from his four-year stretch in provincial solitary confinement, petitioning Queen’s Park to explain why one of his community members has languished in isolation for so long.

The plight of Adam Capay came to light after Renu Mandhane, chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, visited Thunder Bay Jail earlier this month. A correctional officer told her of a prisoner who had been held for more than 1,500 days in administrative segregation – the internal term for indefinite solitary confinement.

When she requested a visit with the isolated inmate, jail officials led her down a stairway to a basement unit with 24-hour light. She said it appeared deserted except for Mr. Capay, who was in a cell surrounded by Plexiglas and illuminated by 24-hour light.

Ms. Mandhane became so concerned about his circumstances – along with speech and memory problems he displayed during a short conversation – that she relayed the story to two reporters on Tuesday.A correctional employee has confirmed the chief commissioner’s account is accurate.

When the chief of Lac Seul First Nation read the story in The Globe and Mail, he called his community’s lawyer to devise a means of improving Mr. Capay’s circumstances.

“We are looking at all ways we might help this young man’s inhumane treatment,” Chief Clifford Bull told The Globe.

On Friday, a Toronto-based lawyer for Lac Seul First Nation said she will work over the weekend to help Mr. Capay.

“This kind of solitary confinement violates domestic law and international treaties,” said Robin Parker. “We consider ourselves a human rights leader globally, yet at home we mistreat aboriginal people who constitute an appalling percentage of our prison population.”

In a letter to Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister David Orazietti, Chief Bull asks whether the jail is upholding legal obligations to treat Mr. Bull as humanely as possible.

“The information we have received on his situation is deeply troubling; his family and our entire community is concerned about his mental health and safety,” Mr. Bull writes.

Chief Bull has known Mr. Capay and his family for years, saying he had a troubled life and first landed in jail after small-time vehicle thefts in his home community.

“It was misdemeanour stuff,” Chief Bull said. “And for that, he got sent away to Thunder Bay.”

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