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End "Incompatibility with life" a judgment call not a diagnosis

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Our Mission.
As a parent of a child who was diagnosed with Anencephaly which is said to be “Incompatible with life” I am reaching out to you ask for your support to change the definition which tears down any hope and gives a grim picture of what the future holds. The term "incompatible with life" is a judgement call made by health care professionals based on the diagnosis of having one of the many conditions that are life limiting.

Families of infants who have one of the "Incompatible with life" conditions or defects are advised their children will pass away prior to or during birth or shortly after birth. I have found that many children with life limiting conditions are thriving in some instance for weeks, months and even years.I do not feel this label should be used if the infants do not have similar outcomes expected. Families would rather have a full disclosure of possible outcomes based on the severity of the condition. We understand that in many instances the life limiting conditions our children face will result in their deaths much sooner than we would like however We need to have full disclosure of the diagnosis.

We need better definitions of the severity and outcomes not a judgment call that blanket covers all of our children "incompatible with life"

The cause..
We as parents are all coming together to ask for a more realistic and less derogatory term when diagnosing our children. Their lives may be shorter due to the complications of life limiting conditions however they are lives and we cherish and value every moment of them Families are standing together to share their stories and rally behind the families as they face the challenges and joy of their children.

We are not debating politics, religion or debate the issues of life ethics. We are here to support and advance our one goal. To change the definition “incompatible with life.”

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