End Healthcare Discrimination Against Transgender People

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Transgender people face significant barriers to health care because of a high frequency of anti-transgender bias in healthcare, disrespect, sexual abuse, and physical and verbal harassment. Low-income transgender people face high risk of refusal of care. Transgender people of color also face high risks of the refusal of care and verbal and physical abuse.

Petition’s key objectives include:

¤ Get signatures to impel New York State government to repeal discriminatory disposition of healthcare services in New York. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that New York State Medicaid's regulation that rules out coverage for transgender people is repealed.

¤ Impel current New York State Health Commissioner Howard A. Zucker, M.D., J.D.  to urge the state government to create more Transgender-sensitive regulations, which would transform the landscape for transgender people by enabling access to equitable healthcare and insurance coverage. 

With roughly 1.4 million adults in the U.S. identify as transgender, about 28 percent of transgender people claim to have experienced harassment and violence in hospitals and medical offices. There are various forms of discrimination against transgender people in health care:

Discrimination by Medical Providers

¤   Medical providers tend to deny transgender people treatment programs at: emergency rooms, mental health clinics,  hospitals,  and physician’s offices.

 ¤ Physical and verbal harassment during medical treatment.

¤ Disrespectful input health data on medical records, harassment in ambulances.

¤ Physically assault or attack within the hospitalsame and precincts.

Lack of access to Insurance includes:

¤The New York State Medicaid tends to rule out transgender people from having access to healthcare.

¤ Transgender people are likely than the general population to be denied health insurance and to be ensured by their employers

¤ Transgender people of color or from low-income are most affected in this category.

Expected outcome for this petition would be:

¤ By revoking New York State Medicaid's regulation, the petition will achieve the following objectives:

¤ Ensure that the federal government establishes more health centers that are dedicated to providing healthcare to transgender patients.

¤ Ensure that the federal government writes guidelines that all health facilities that are federally funded follow to ensure they use proper language, create gender-neutral bathrooms, and develop medical records that are respectful to transgender people.

¤ Ensure that transgender people are allowed coverage for medically relevant treatments.

¤ Ensure that transgender people are not discriminated upon by sexual orientation.

¤ Transgender-sensitive healthcare will make treatments affordable to transgender people through insurance plans and coverages.

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