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End Health Care Discrimination toward Gender Identity Disorder

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Each year, thousands of those diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) are denied coverage by their healthcare insurance provider for mental health services, medical services by their health care professional, prescription services or any services related to their current GID diagnosis. Today, I became one of those people. Instead of allowing fear to take hold of my circumstances, I have decided to fight the companies, search for the facts and enlist all those that believe a patient with a documented disorder should not be excluded from any health insurance policy or denied medical coverage.

The American Medical Association (AMA) states that " there is no basis for the denial to any human being of equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities commensurate with his or her individual capabilities and ethical character because of an individual's sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or transgender status, race, religion, disability, ethnic origin, national origin, or age."(BOT Rep. LL, I-86; Amended by Sunset Report, I-96; Modified: Res. 410, A-03)

The current revision of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) recommends that mental health professionals document a patient's relevant history in a letter, which should be required by medical professionals prior to physical intervention. One letter is required for hormone replacement therapy or either augmentation mammoplasty or male chest reconstruction. Two additional letters are needed for genital surgeries. ("The Mental Health Professional." The World Professional Association for Transgender Health's Standards Of Care For Gender Identity Disorders. 6th ed. 2001.)

Currently,  many insurance companies have decided they are more qualified to deny a transgendered or transsexual patient care despite the medical diagnosis from a licensed therapist and a medical professional. At the hands of there insurance companies, those individuals with Gender Identity Disorder are now suffering from discriminatory practices, exclusion and bigotry. Insurance companies have given a message through their discriminatory policy's that those suffering from GID are not worthy of receiving adequate health care and that although the world expects transgendered and transsexual patients to follow WPATH standards of care, insurance companies are not abiding by those standards.

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