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End Hawaii's Electric Utility Monopoly Now

The Hawaiian Electric (HECO), Maui Electric (MECO), Hawaiian Electric Light Company ( HELCO) and Kauai Electric Utility monopolistic stranglehold on our electric rates and energy future must end if Hawaii is to become a clean energy state in a timely manner and have lower electric rates by using its abundant renewable energy resources.

Letter to
Mr. Ed
Federal Trade Commission - Bureau of Consumer Protection
We, the undersigned residents of Hawaii, hereby petition the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate and prosecute as required the conduct and activities of Hawaiian Electric (HECO), Maui Electric (MECO), Hawaiian Electric Light Company (HELCO) collectively called ‘The Utility’, Aina Koa Pono (AKP), Tekgar LLC, Bionic Fuel Technology (BFT), and the Hawaii Department of Consumer Advocacy (DCA) regarding the following facts:

In January 2011, the Utility filed a request with the Hawaii PUC, Docket # 2011-0005 to approve an application for the development of a biomass to biofuel facility on Hawaii Island for the purpose of continuing to burn fuel for a term of 20 years while it curtails development and production of Hawaii’s abundant & affordable natural energy resources, including geothermal, solar, wind and Ocean Technology. The Utility has repeatedly refused to facilitate the production & transmission of affordable energy from other sources, and has repeatedly acted to prevent the development of other sources of energy, in order to maintain its statewide monopoly on energy transmission and secure biofuel/biomass fuel for its own production plants.

The application filed by the Utility contains numerous representations which are inconsistent & deceptive & which were purposefully and fraudulently made to the Hawaii PUC for the purpose of securing approval of the PUC for their application and for their request that the PUC approve an open-ended surcharge on Hawaii Island and Oahu ratepayers for the costs of the facility being built by AKP on behalf of the Utility.

NOTE: The following link provides a complete list of these misrepresentations in the full 5 1/2 page petition to be submitted to the FTC upon completion of signature collection.

The Hawaii PUC rejected the application on Sep. 29, 2011, thus saving Oahu and Big Island residents a half Billion dollars in unjust surcharges over 20 years to fund a private company’s ( AKP ) business venture.

However, AKP still plans to move forward with the building of the biofuel refinery and biomass farm in the Pahala – Ka'u area of the Big Island, despite the misrepresentations in the application, despite overwhelming community opposition, and despite unresolved international trade infringement issues.

“We are not deterred from the development of biofuels on the Big Island in any way,” Kenton Eldridge, Executive Vice President of Aina Koa Pono told West Hawai’i Today.

HECO and AKP are renegotiating their contract in preparation for submitting a new or modified application to the PUC for approval.

This biofuel project must be stopped. The people of Ka'u do not want it, and Hawaii does not need it.  The use of Hawaii's indigenous energy resources, especially geothermal energy as our base-load energy source, should be fully supported, not biofuel or fossil fuel as HECO-AKP want to do for another 20 years for the sole purpose of preserving Utility profits . Furthermore, it should be stipulated that biofuel be used only for transportation, not for electricity generation.

There is enough geothermal energy potential in Hawaii to meet the electricity needs of the entire state. Yet, Big Island electric rates are 45 cents / KWh, even though current geothermal energy can generate electricity at 8 cents a KWh. This price gouging must be stopped.

AKP's Hawaii business license should be revoked because it was submitted and approved under false pretenses.

The conflicts of interests and cozy relationships involved in this application must be dissolved.

The DCA is in violation of its mandate to protect the public and all members should be forced to resign.

Any individual or business found guilty of unethical behavior or criminal intent to defraud the people of Hawaii or the rightful owners of the biofuel plant referenced in this application should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The Hawaii State Legislature ( Senator Gabbard, Representative Coffman ) has been asked to introduce and pass legislation to deregulate the Utility because Governor Abercrombie has failed to follow through on his own energy plan for Hawaii, and the Legislature should be strongly lobbied to pass this bill and have it signed into law by June, 2012.

See Representative Coffman's Dec 12 speech below the full petition document here:

The Hawaii State government should be strongly encouraged to move up its timetable to be 100% free from oil in 10 years, using Hawaii’s abundant indigenous energy resources ( geothermal base-load, solar, wind, ocean, and biofuel for transportation ) instead of only 70% ( 30% from efficiency & 40% from indigenous resources ) in 20 years.

Neither the Utility nor AKP, nor the Governor, nor the Legislature, nor the DCA has worked with the community to insure that its interests in affordable and environmentally sustainable energy production are honored so let the people of Hawaii bear witness, let the world bear witness to the actions of these rich and powerful people, both in and out of State government, and let their actions bear witness against them for selling out the State of Hawaii.

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