End ghost flights now!

End ghost flights now!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Vincent POIRIER

Most airlines in Europe fly   planes empty or almost empty of passengers during this winter/pandemic period.

This flights are named ghosts flights

Lufthansa confirmed 18000 ghosts flights will happen this winter and Brussells Airlines 3000 ghosts flights  until march 2022.

Most airlines don't communicate on ghosts flights.

Airlines argue that these flights keep the pilots well trained.

The real explaination is that ,in order to keep their routes and not to give these to the competition , the airlines have to use the landing and take off slots.

Airport authorities around Europe enforced this policy.

But European parliament has the power to stop it.European parliament limited the use of this policy last year.It needs to act again quick.

Flying empty planes is stupid,useless and not very green.

Make it stop,sign this petition.


58 have signed. Let’s get to 100!