End gambling advertising and sponsorship in football.

End gambling advertising and sponsorship in football.

18 August 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by The Big Step

We're a community of people harmed by gambling who know how damaging gambling ads can be, especially for young people and children, and that's why we've joined forces with Peter and Steph Shilton to campaign to stop gambling advertising in football now.

We've had some success - Premier League clubs have agreed to remove shirt front gambling sponsorship but these adverts are inescapable across the sport - they're around every pitch, in matchday programmes, on club's social media channels, during TV broadcasts and on trophies.

Unfortunately, this means children and people struggling with gambling are being relentlessly encouraged to gamble and that has consequences.

  • There are an estimated 250-650 gambling-related suicides in the UK every year (Source)
  • There are an estimated 5 million people affected by gambling related harm in the UK according to YouGov (Source)

We're proud to stand alongside Gambling with Lives, a community of families bereaved by gambling-related suicide that provides support, raises awareness of gambling disorder's devastating effects and campaigns for change

Together, we founded The Big Step - a campaign to end all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football, led by people harmed by it. There are now 30 clubs in the UK and Ireland who back our campaign.

But most football clubs aren't listening... 

  • There were 700 gambling adverts in one Premier League match
  • A gambling brand is visible up to 89% of the time on Match of the Day

So we need your help...

The Premier League has accepted gambling advertising is harmful and the UK Government has done the same, so adding your voice to this petition now is really important.

We need to make as much noise as possible and show decision-makers that we want to end the harmful amount of gambling adverts and sponsorship in football. 

Please sign and please share. Thank you

133 people signed this week
Signatures: 124,756Next Goal: 150,000
133 people signed this week