END Frustrating Internet Speeds - Lets Fix It Together

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The UK is suffering from serious internet connectivity issues so much so that the it is ranked 31 in the worlds internet speed league, 48% of the UK's rural areas still have no, or very limited access to a stable internet connection. Persistent “dead spots” pervade urban areas aswell.


More than 1 million households in the UK do not have internet fast enough to watch a video from Netflix or YouTube.


Every town’s economic development plan aims to spur innovation, entrepreneurship and improve infrastructure yet the funds that are made available by the governments digital infrastructure investment fund are not being invested as we would hope, and improvements are not being seen fast enough.


A company called Ziegal have worked on a plan to fix these issues and need your help to get the action we need to fix our internet.


They have a fantastic solution to this problem and can offer a fully tested, stable, reliable and rapid nationwide deployment of their Z-pods which can offer fast stable internet connection in all areas of the UK especially the rural areas.  At a very cost effective price and without lengthy contracts.


The value to the internet user would be fast, affordable, reliable and completely mobile internet connectivity without data restrictions or long contracts with full UK coverage.


This will improve the current communications infrastructure within the UK, which is desperately needed.


Z-WiFi users will also be able to enjoy the benefits of Pay-As-You-Go Internet Access on the go and also plans an international expansion once we get the UK up in the leagues.


Lets get together and fix our internet issues once and for all.

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