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End Fracking & Other Corporate Environmental Poisons

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started 04/17/11 - This post is primarily for the purpose of promoting actions on ch.o which do not get as much publicity as those promoted by ch.o and/or by powerful activist organizations. 
♥   I have included those of the latter of this kind that I like.
♥   I will add new actions and remove closed ones as I find them.
♥   Periodically, I intend to send a list of new action links via Send Message to Participants.
♥   Comments/discussions/new FracAction links welcome.
♥   Since most of the ch.o Links and URLs are STILL not clickable or do not take you where you are going no matter what I've tried so far, PASTE the URLs into your browser addy box.
♥   NOTE: The FRAC Act bill numbers are different - see comments.

In case of confusion about this action:
This is an INDEX to OTHER actions I have found on ch.o so far on this issue that I think are worthy of promoting.
The idea is to go to the other actions and see if you want to sign them if you haven't already.
Ordinarily, one should be able to click on any of the URLs (or links) and they would go directly to these ch.o actions.
However, there seems to be a glitch in the system so this is not working on ch.o for ch.o URLs at the moment (and hasn't worked since the big change to the new "beta" system).
I have alerted helpdesk to this snafu and so hopefully it will be fixed one of these days/weeks/months.
If you do not know about URLs or PASTING, please see Petition Letter box below for a little tutorial. 
04/26/11 YUPDATE: 
(numbers not updated yet)
♥   New Food&WaterWatch petition:
Tell Obama, Vote NO on Fracking in the Delaware River Basin 
From: Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 3:00 PM
♥   NEW FRACKING PETITION I had on the wrong list:
396 Protect Honesdale PA from effects of shale gas drilling! 
- Jane Prettyman -  
302  Support the International Ban on Endosulfan 
- Solidarity Youth Movement - 
Gas Drilling Emergency in Bradford County
- Common Dreams -

♥   "What the Frack? Natural Gas from Subterranean Shale . . . [Slide Show]"
- Scientific American -
♥   photocredit: Jonathan Zabloski - & article: "Ugly Reality of Fracking" - Greenmuze -
♥   "Hydraulic Fracturing Facts" - Map, article & VIDEO -
And STILL the BIZ claims it is safe!


                                                              "FEATURED" NEW PETITION:

94 National Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
- Lisa Rochelle - started 10/14/11 - Letter to Obama, Congress & PA Governor -
We need a moratorium on these kinds of activities until FOREVER, imo.
relevant VIDEO - from a closed action: 



  1. 9,394 Say No to Natural Gas Drilling Near Dallas Cowboy Stadium
    - Kim Feil - 
  2. 1,781 Tell Obama and Congress: Don’t Buy the “Natural” Gas Myth!
    - Frack Action - 
    to support the FRAC Act (H.R. 2766 and S. 1215), and to work to stop the NAT Gas Act (H.R. 1835 and S. 1408). --- would close the "Halliburton Loophole" ---[see comment]
  3. 641 Save Maryland from Unsafe Gas Fracking  
    - Keith Harrington - 
  4. 288 Pass the Frac Act Now - Keep Drinking Water Safe
    - Jenni Siri - Excellent letter - lots of SOURCES - Food&WaterWatch VIDEO & petition to support
    the FRAC Act, HR 1084 & S 587 (Fracturing Responsibility & Awareness of Chemicals)
  5. 260 Beat Back Fracking in Massachusetts  
    - Peter Vickery - 
  6. 249 Protect New York From Gas Drilling!
    - Organic Legion -
    Letter to NY: support Bill number A-10490/S-7592. - VIDEO -
  7. 192 Opposition to Natural Gas Compressor Station along Route 980 in Cecil Township, PA
    - Donald Scot Stoner -
  8. 117 Tell Congress to Ban Fracking
    - Food & Water Watch -
  9. 102 Stop the FRACKING (gas mining) in the South African Karoo 
    - Diana Sharp - VIDEO Gasland Trailer -
  10. 81 Disclose sources of oil and natural gas to utility customers 
    - Arianna Miazza - FRACKING -


                                           & OTHER CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS:

  1. 2,819 Prevent Expansion of Toxic Waste Dump Connected to Serious Birth Defects 
    - Nikki Gloudeman -
  2. 2,444 Tell Governor Brown to Stop the Dangerous Pesticide Methyl Iodide
    - Kristen Ridley -
  3. 1,022 Companies that Poison Countless Americans Need More than A Slap on the Wrist 
    - Zachary Shahan -
  4. 570 "Refinery Row" Already Has Enough Pollution: Stop the Las Brisas Air Permit
    - Flavia de la Fuente -
  5. 343 End the Use of Compound 1080 and Other Poisons 
    - Caleb Laieski -
  6. 349 Ban Endosulfan
    - Ban Endosulfan Campaign -
  7. 212 Let's Educate Everyone Regarding "Clean Coal" and the poison that it is
    - Andrew Heugel -
  8. 189 End Water Fluoridation-Save Lives 70% of American tap water is Fluoridated  
    - Crystal Cuddeback - VIDEO -
  9. 165 Stop Mercury and other Toxics 
    - Caleb Laieski -
  10. 111 Help Ban Pesticides In New York Agriculture. 
    - Robert Cooke -
  11. 89 Against H.R. 910 To Protect E.P.A and the Environment
    - Alejandro Vasquez -



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