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END FOX/COYOTE HUNTING in MA and NY!!!!: To BAN the killing of animals using pack dogs and horses.

Fox/Coyote hunting using a pack of trained hunting dogs and a rider with a gun on horseback is NO sport. It has been BANNED in England, it's time for America to follow suit. A pack of trained hunting dogs is used to track and chase down a wild animal, if the dogs catch the prey first the animal suffers the excrusciating death of being torn limb from limb. If the hunters catch up to the animal on horseback first he/she is shot. This is not a sport, it's a brutal source of amusement and a waste of our wildlife- these animals aren't used for food they are just killed for trophy. There is a reasonable compromise. Some hunt clubs use a technique called scent dragging, a person on foot who drags a scented cloth through the woods- the dogs have their chase, the hunters have their "hunt" and the horse have their excercise... AND the FOX/COYOTE have their LIVES... Another subject to bring to light is the amount of hunting dogs that are dumped or shot because they are not skilled hunters/trackers.. THOUSANDS of hunting/birding/tracking dogs are KILLED in shelters every year because they are not adept at the skills they were bred for.. Let's end this... If ENGLAND, with it's centuries of tradition in fox hunting can ban this blood sport- so can the US.

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