End forced retirement at the British Council now!

End forced retirement at the British Council now!

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Started by annie hubert

Annie has worked at the British Council for 21 years. She has been an active union member and Branch Chair for many years, fighting for a fairer deal for workers there.
This month, Annie turns 65 and the British Council wants to force her to retire. Their rules say she is too old.

They say     Japanese law lets employers get away with firing someone just because of their age.

We say      The British Council is a global organisation based in the UK, where it is illegal to fire someone just because of their age. The British Council also has a global policy called EDI - Equality, Diversity, Inclusion. 
It specifically names age as a protected characteristic.

They say   Our policy is just "discretionary", so we can choose to ignore it.

We say     No! It clearly says it is binding on all staff in all countries. Including Japan.

They say   We've been considering changing the rule since 2018, but we haven't made up our minds yet, so in the meantime, Annie has to go.

We say    The union has been calling on you to end forced retirement for 11 years! If you still haven't made up your minds, then make an agreement with the union that Annie can stay another year while you continue considering.

They say   Annie can stay for one more year, but not as an employee, just as a freelencer.

We say      Freelancing will strip Annie of all her accumulated employment rights, security and benefits. Your "offer" is the same as that available anyone just walking in off the street. The union fights to protect employment rights of all staff, not open the door to gig work.

They say   That's also perfectly legal in Japan.

We say    Yes, it's true that in Japan, you can get away with stripping older workers of the rights they had until 64. But you are a global organisation and your global policy is clear: age discrimination is unacceptable, and you should follow the more developed UK law. You also have a duty to revisit your policy and remedy injustified discrimination.

Enough is enough! End age discrimination at the British Council in Japan! Abide by British Council global Equality, Diversity, Inclusion policy!

Sign the petition today, before Annie is forced out of her job!

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306 have signed. Let’s get to 500!