End Commercial Logging in Nuxalk Territory

End Commercial Logging in Nuxalk Territory

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Ancient Roots Collective started this petition to John Horgan (Premier of British Columbia) and

We, the undersigned, petition the Government of British Columbia to:

  • Immediately rescind all permits related to commercial logging in Nuxalkulmc* (Nuxalk Ancestral Territory);
  • Deny all new permit applications related to commercial logging in Nuxalkulmc;
  • Respect and uphold the authority and jurisdiction of the Stataltmc (Nuxalk leaders) as the lawful authority of Nuxalkulmc;
  • Adhere to the legislated commitments made by the BC government to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) including the right to free, prior and informed consent.

The Stataltmc released a declaration dated February 24, 2021 to ban commercial logging in Nuxalkulmc. In it they state that through the ‘authorization’ of the commercial extraction of resources, the Government of British Columbia is willingly, knowingly and deliberately inflicting on the Nuxalk people conditions of life that will ultimately bring about their physical destruction and that any commercial logging within their territory is done without their consent.

Nuxalkulmc is the unceded, sovereign, ancestral territory of the Nuxalkmc (Nuxalk people). There has never been a time under Nuxalk, British, Canadian, or International law, where the Nuxalkmc have ceded jurisdiction over Nuxalkulmc.

  • Nuxalkmc have been caretakers of the lands and waters in Nuxalkulmc for thousands of generations, a responsibility that was handed down to Nuxalkmc through the ancestors by the Creator. Their ancient forests hold the history of Nuxalkmc, the world, and of humanity.
  • Forest stewardship is an integral part of Nuxalk culture and the forests were carefully managed for successional use while left fully intact throughout the territory. The forests are their inheritance, and a stable homeland environment is the most valuable inheritance that they can leave to their children and those not yet born.
  • The health of the forests is a true reflection of the health of every being they are connected to, both within and outside of Nuxalkulmc: the rivers, the salmon, the ocean, the bears, the people, the animals, the rocks, the soils, the air, and other non-human beings. 

We have reached a point where Elders, Indigenous Nations, scientists, and governments have all recognized the urgent need to act to avoid climate disaster. We have an obligation to uphold the leadership of Indigenous peoples who are seeking to protect their deep knowledge and relationships with their territories that have existed since time immemorial.

Everything is interconnected - the protection of Nuxalkulmc is the protection of all.

We, the undersigned, stand together to uphold the leadership of the Stataltmc of the Nuxalk Nation and protect the forests of Nuxalkulmc.

*For the purposes of this petition, Nuxalkulmc is approximated on the map. From the perspective of the BC government, this area lies within the ‘Great Bear Rainforest North Timber Supply Area’ and the ‘North Island-Central Coast Resource District’ and, more specifically, includes the following “landscape units”: King Island, Nootum/Koeye, Kwatna/Quatlena, Roscoe, Saloompt, Smitley/Noeick, Taleomy/Asseek, Twin, Talchako, Sutslem/Skowquiltz, Labouchere, Talchako/Gyllenspetz, South Bentinck, Clayton, Braden, Nascall, Jump Across, Bella Coola, Upper Kimsquit, Nechako, Lower Kimsquit, Dean, Sigulat, Upper Dean, Ape, Crag, Young Young, Atnarko.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!