End Child Poverty in Canada!

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Child poverty refers to the state in which children are extremely poor and live in and environment that is damaging to their mental health, spiritual,emotional, and social development. This problem has sparked my interest due to the lack of knowledge I had on how poverty can affect a child’s social, educational, and personal life. It was not until through my research that I came to realize that the government can do a lot more to help the reduction of child poverty. Did you know that in 1989, the House of Commons unanimously committed to end child poverty? These observations consequently brought about questions as well as concerns as to why poverty still hasn’t been tackled. 

So why sign this petition? Bringing an end to child poverty is the right thing to do both morally and economically. Children living in poverty deserve to have access to the same things we do. By signing this petition you can help show that you care, which will in return help raise awareness for Canadian children living in poverty. Help make a difference and end child poverty in Canada today!