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End Caste-Based Reservation Policy

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India is a country where EQUALITY is preached in schools and INEQUALITY is practised in colleges, jobs and promotions on the basis of caste. Today, we need to address the issue of reservations fairly. Everyone wants to be backward. There are rich and poor in every caste. Today, the benefits of reservation have only reached the affluent elites among the reserved categories. And thus we need to reconsider the idea of caste reservations.

In India, after the 12th Board exams, the students are selected to top colleges on the basis of their caste. But this discrimination is silenced by terms like, ‘compensatory discrimination’, upliftment of minorities, etc. In reality, the reservation policy has only helped the elite and affluent people from backward castes. With the globalisation, the caste system has ceased to exist in urban areas, but the reservation still prevails in the society. The age-old caste traditions have remained a greater challenge to India’s unity. Recent at Jat agitations and the Patidar stir over reservations have signalled the nation to revive the existing caste reservations. The communities fighting to be called ‘Backward’ have raised questions over the validity of reservation policy.

Real victims of reservation system are the high caste, middle-class families. Rural population is still inflicted to the traditional ruts of caste practices. The attempt to improve the lives of backward castes should begin with bottom-up approach. The rural India is not aware of the reservation policy. It is the educated and the affluent families who are exploiting the caste-reservations. And they justify caste reservation as rational.

The mere linking of caste with poverty is a flawed. Sixty plus years of independence has brought in a lot of changes in our society. Poverty has no caste, no religion and no regional disparity. The economic reforms of the 1990s have altered the social hierarchy with the emergence of new professions like software engineering, graphic designing, and etc. And thus enabled increased involvement from every other caste.

In the recent past, there has been a significant drift in the thinking of validity of caste reservations. The agitations by forward castes to be called, “Backwards” and demand for reservations has lead to an altogether a different view on caste reservations. This has propped up questions like: Is compensatory discrimination the right way of handling the sins of our past? Whose sins? Why should someone else suffer? Is reservation is a right remedy to annihilate the caste system?

When we take account of caste reservation, we often forget annihilation of the caste system. A better solution to eliminating the caste system is making the society casteless. Stop recognising everything, which comes with the caste. Stop endorsing the caste certificate and everything that comes with caste certificate. Why not make the caste system illegal? What use is the caste system today anyway? A lot has changed over the years and now the time has come to revamp over the issue of reservations. The affluent educated class are misusing the benefits of reservations.

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