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End Canine Discrimination in the U.S! Blame the deed, not the breed!

The picture is of my deceased dog Jake.He was a rottweiler/australian shepherd mix. He lived in a shelter for the entire first year of his life. My mom just barely saved him from being euthenized. This dog was in our family for 11 years. He never bit anyone and was as loyal as a dog gets. In the last year of his life, my mom could no longer find places that would take his breed so she gave him away. He ended up getting really sick and had to be put down. It kills me knowing we couldnt have been there for him. I love rottweilers, pitbulls, dobermans, wolf mixes, ovcharkas, ridgebacks and ect.... I am tired of being told no by renters because of this 'aggressive breed' label. It isn't fair to those of us who are GOOD, RESPONSIBLE dog owners. So sign this petition, so people can be a forever home for some of the sweetest dogs on the planet. So we can stand by our dogs side through a move, divorce, loss of a friend, ect.... Save your best friends and ours! Make microchips a MUST, Make sure these dogs are registered with the state! Hold the people accountable! Stop backyard breeders and make these dogs illegal on craigslist. Every 'aggressive' breed dog should be registered so that the state knows who the owner is. Like the NRA says "Guns dont kill people, people do." same goes for dogs,  There is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad people. Sign my petition straight to the whitehouse!

Letter to
Governor Jay Inslee
President Obama
Its not anymore fair to dog owners to label animals "aggressive" than it is to say guns kill people. Americans need to take blame for their animals behavior and lack or/ or terrible training. Please, I implore you to save these animals and help find them good homes by taking necessary steps as explained in my petition and Please remove the label 'aggressive' from dog breeds. Give them a fighting chance, give good people a chance. Protect what cannot protect itself. We are America, home of the free and the brave. Yet we are limited on which dogs are accepted in society. Save the breeds, punish the people.

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