End Bias Crime, Stop Corruption, Reform NJ

End Bias Crime, Stop Corruption, Reform NJ

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While it is a known fact any victim residing in the United States today should never be the subject of retaliation, harassment, and/or be imposed by threats of revictimization by their offenders, this is not the case among victims of bias hate crime, orchestrated by law enforcement in New Jersey, with the State refusing to investigate, and charge.

These individuals have been brutally, and/or sadistically victimized at the hands of their aggressors, in the absence of rightful criminal prosecution against their attackers, in an attempt to successfully ‘subjugate’ innocent persons (as if a minority ‘person’ is ‘land’), deliberately perpetuating covert racism, and preserving the inherent discriminatory thread in Monmouth County, and across New Jersey, when slavery ended over 150 years ago.

Between 2015-2019, I was the victim of several aggravated assaults by law enforcement at Neptune City Police, partnered with harassment and bullying by Long Branch Police, and Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

This began in 2014-2015, when Joanne Jodry (Caucasian, 55) began stalking and harassing me; I went to the police, and signed complaints.

Joanne, in retaliation, indicated she felt pressed to speak to Keith Mitchell at Neptune City again, after she became increasingly concerned she would catch a felony for her actions.

Joanne obtained a family picture of me (31), with my niece (who is white, and was 4 years old in the photo), and my dog, from my website; she lied to Keith and told him my niece was her daughter, and that my dog was her dog. Joanne also told Keith that she believed I suffered from mental illness.

Keith, in the absence of Keith speaking to me, and based on my family picture, signed a complaint against me for harassment, and disorderly conduct (since dismissed).

From there, in a nutshell (and still in the absence of speaking to me), Keith Mitchell and Michael Vollbrecht both of Neptune City, drove to my apartment, called Monmouth Medical for a psychiatric screen, performed an illegal search on my apartment without a search warrant, or probable cause, when I was at work, all based on my race, and my family picture.

Keith then called Long Branch Police, and told a detective at Long Branch to ‘pick me up’ if they see me.

Sometime in between, Joanne and Keith spoke again where Joanne admitted to Keith that while she knew my niece was not her daughter, ‘she felt’ the picture of me, with my niece, personified the relationship between Joanne and her daughter.

Yet still in spite, a couple days later, I was violently assaulted by Keith, and Michael on my college campus (in graduate school), and transported to Monmouth Medical, where I was restrained by Michael, and hospital security, stripped naked, and force injected sedatives and psychotropics for several months, with no knowledge of what was happening, or why that transpired.

The re-victimization and retaliation by Neptune City Police, Long Branch Police, and Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, continued to this day, the more I pressed forward to hold all individuals accountable.

Recently (and concurrently), after being told by a detective at Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office that 'they are aware of the criminal acts against me (by individuals, and law enforcement), they refuse to investigate', as well as being harassed by the current Director, and lieutenant of the Department of Professional Responsibility at the Prosecutor’s Office, I found out there were also no BWC’s, and no ‘perceived’ recorded victim statements by my aggressor.

The Prosecutor’s Office then supplanted the MVR as evidence, to attest to the actions of Keith Mitchell, when in the absence of the BWC’s, and recorded statements, it confirms this incident was bias crime.

Now, the Office of the Attorney General has mismanaged my complaints in the absence of proper escalation or entrusting my complaint to another State Prosecutor’s Office, or legitimate policing faction, to investigate.

Additionally, I have also yet to hear back from Mr. Gurbir Grewal, the Attorney General.

• When is it ever okay for a police department to effectuate search in someone’s home, in the absence of a search warrant, and probable cause?
• How many other people has this happened to?
• Why haven’t the officers who committed the crimes been collared?
• Where is the money coming from to support these factions illegal policing practices?

Support and End Bias Hate Crime, Stop State Corruption, and reform New Jersey today!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!