End Australian support for Israeli arms company Elbit

End Australian support for Israeli arms company Elbit

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Started by BDS Australia

We reject the Australian and Victorian Government’s and RMIT University's support of the Israeli weapons manufacturer, Elbit Systems and Elbit Systems of Australia and demand that all financial and other support and collaboration with this company and its Australian subsidiary, is withdrawn. 

The Victorian state government has provided funding to Elbit Systems of Australia, to develop an AI Centre to work on defense and weapons development. The Australian government has extensive contracts with Elbit Systems which is Israel’s largest arms manufacturer and the primary supplier of the Israeli military and a key global manufacturer and exporter of drone and military surveillance technologies.

Elbit Systems and its Australian subsidiary, Elbit Systems of Australia are deeply complicit in the actions of the Israeli government against civilian Palestinian populations, particularly in Gaza.

Elbit Systems are notorious for advertising and selling their weapons as being ‘field tested’ or ‘battle proven’ and it is well documented that they are always ‘field tested’ on Palestinian civilians.* Elbit also supplies weapons to military governments which oppress civilian populations. **

The systematic oppression of Palestinians by Israel amounts to grave breaches of international law and the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution. These actions intentionally and severely deprive millions of Palestinians of key fundamental rights and protections including the right to life, liberty, health, water, and security.

Israel's attacks on Palestinians in Gaza over many years are now the subject of an International Criminal Court investigation for war crimes.  

The Australian Government has a responsibility as a signatory to numerous international treaties to take action against Israel due to these grave violations of international law, which are also criminal offences under Australian law.

Australia is a signatory to the UN Arms Trade Treaty of 2013, which was negotiated primarily due to concerns over violations of international humanitarian law and human rights that were occurring in various conflicts around the globe. The Israeli government’s violations of international law have been thoroughly documented over many decades as has its use of weapons manufactured by Elbit Systems.

Given this evidence, we believe that the Australian and Victorian governments have an obligation to cease supplying funds or any association with Elbit Systems and Elbit Systems of Australia.

*The July 2021 edition of New Scientist reported on the use of ‘swarm drones’ in Israel’s most recent attack on Palestinians in Gaza in May this year. Local media reports indicated that these drones were supplied by Elbit and that this was the first operational use of this form of weaponry. The drone swarm gathered intelligence, carried out attacks as well as providing targeting information for guided mortar weapons according to the Israeli Defence Forces.

** https://disruptlandforces.org/elbit-factsheet/

More information: https://bdsaustralia.net.au/campaigns/stop-elbit/


1,567 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!