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End austerity in northern England

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We, the people of northern England will not sit back in silence while you impose draconian austerity measures on us and crush our NHS. While we accept that your government is legitimate, the north of England voted resoundingly against you. We rejected austerity, and you have swept into office only through a campaign of fear and the support of middle England. 

We are not afraid of you. 

We demand that you immediately end any plans for further austerity and that you repeal current measures that are crippling hard pressed families. 

We are pleased for the people of Scotland as they have fought long and hard for their victory and the power that they now wield in Westminster.  However, we are under no illusions that you will have to make concessions concerning austerity in Scotland. It is unfair and undemocratic to give concessions to one part of the union at the expense of another and we will robustly resist through a growing movement for change any attempts to impose further austerity on us. 

We understand that the national debt has to be paid; that the books have to be balanced. However, cutbacks can be made without impacting upon the vulnerable or less-well-off. We believe that by investing in vital services; by investing in our people we can achieve a more prosperous and fair society. 

 We also wish to make clear that while the needs and wishes of the people of the north of England may differ somewhat to our Scottish neighbours the time has now come for us to start openly talking about where our future lies. We have already started engaging people at grassroots level to find out whether they want to remain fully governed by a flawed, corrupt Westminster machine or whether they wish to take their destinies into their own hands. 

We are not advocating that the north of England should break away from the South.  On the contrary, we are proud of our heritage. However, we need to ensure that our voice is heard and that we do not have to suffer at the hands of people so out of touch that they couldn't tell a raindrop from a snowflake. 

We call upon our fellow countrymen both north and south of the border who are seeking an end to austerity to help us make our voice heard and will work with anyone interested in a progressive and fair society.  We deserve to be treat with dignity and respect.  There is nothing respectful or dignified about stealing food out of the mouths of the hungry, or putting innocent families out on the street.  Instead of austerity we want to see a progressive, fair government and hope that you will reconsider your destructive policies and heed our request. 

We have been silent for too long. However, it is now time for our collective voice to be heard.   If you want to see an end to austerity. If you want to save our NHS and for your children to have a decent quality of life then please sign this petition. 

Thank you so much.










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