End All Travel Mandates

End All Travel Mandates

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Why this petition matters

Started by Gus Fizer

It is time to petition all Federal Government MP's and Senators to end all Travel Mandates because they do not follow any science or statistics from the Government of Canada.  These mandates are hurting all Canadians, our economy, the success of public transportation including airlines, and small business owners across our country.  Please help end all Travel Mandates and also write to your MP's and Senators to stop this ridiculous practice.


1.  The Canadian Government confirms that risk of contagion from a traveler is .05%.  

2.  The Canadian Government also confirms that the risk of exposure from someone that traveled outside of Canada is .08%.

As such, the risk of exposure to Covid-19 from a traveler inside or outside of Canada is 1.3% of all cases!

3.  The Canadian Government confirms that as of March 13, 2022, TOTAL cases of infection for unvaccinated is almost 60,000 cases lower at 925,193 than cases for partially/fully vaccinated at 978,189.

4.  Neither the Canadian Government, Health Canada, or the CDC can provide any scientific support proving that masks on public transit prevent the spread of Covid-19.  In fact, numerous studies show that Covid-19 aerosols pass directly through all cloth materials and gaps along the edges of masks because they are simply too small.


Because Government Statistics substantiate that case counts are almost identical between unvaccinated and vaccinated, mandates against unvaccinated travelers is neither warranted or legal and most importantly, is doing nothing to protect anyone from Covid-19.  Meanwhile, the Canadian Government is wasting MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars forcing unvaccinated travelers to undergo TWO Covid-19 tests after returning to Canada after the traveler already provided a negative test 24 hours prior to entering Canada.  In addition, the Canadian Government is wasting additional taxpayer dollars conducting daily monitoring of unvaccinated travelers for a minimum of two weeks after they enter the country.  Lastly, the requirement to wear masks on public transit is only creating animosity for travelers that know that these requirements are useless.

63 have signed. Let’s get to 100!