End All Our Problems: Basic Income in Dublin, 2019

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Sign this petition to encourage the Lord Mayor of Dublin to solve Dublin's human problems by piloting a transformative Basic Income programme in 2019.

Dublin has over 7,000 homeless people as of 2018. Over 25% of all workers in Dublin are either poorly paid or on a non-permanent contract. Many permanent workers feel that the work they do are not contributing meaningfully to society. Many suffer from overwork and anxiety.

Meanwhile, we see problem after problem pile up in our city: poverty, homelessness, alienating jobs, political corruption, climate change, unethical food production, health crisis, debt crisis, a broken education system, etc. etc. The list goes on, yet the government is not acting boldly enough to make a real difference.

Basic income has the potential to solve all of these problems in one, full sweep.

What is Basic Income?

In the context of Dublin, basic income is a regular payment of a fixed amount of money to everyone in Dublin. The amount will be high enough to put every single person in Dublin above the poverty line. We are here talking about something like €1,000 or more per month per person.

Three key principles make basic income a very special policy.

  1. Unconditional: basic income is paid out universally to everyone regardless of their means. This implies that there is zero bureaucracy in basic income. It also means that recipients are not punished for making certain decisions in their life, such as deciding to work or deciding to start a family.
  2. Individual: basic income is paid not to families but to individuals. This allows each person to make life decisions based not on the will of others but according to their own free will.
  3. Separation of work and income: since the amount paid lifts everyone above the poverty line, the purpose of work becomes not mere income but something else, such as making real contribution to society.

With basic income, the people of Dublin will be freed from the slavish dependence on a few multinational corporations that rule the labor market. Basic income has the potential to liberate hundreds of thousands of Dubliners from our bondage to a failed economy. Basic income will unleash a massive Force for Good in Dublin.

What does the rest of the world think about Basic Income?

Canada, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland and Scotland have already launched basic income pilot programmes and have produced positive results. The United Nations Development Chief of China has just released a report recommending China to implement basic income. Silicon Valley is talking about launching their private basic income programme. Former and current politicians in the United States, including former president Barack Obama, supports the idea for their own home country.

Sign this petition and encourage the Lord Mayor of Dublin to take a decisive step in solving Dublin's problems.