Stand Against Alderman Abuse of Power and Unfair Treatment - Support Local Businesses

Stand Against Alderman Abuse of Power and Unfair Treatment - Support Local Businesses

July 19, 2023
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City of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson
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Why this petition matters

Started by Irish Nobleman

Dear Supporters,

We are calling upon all those who are against and/or have experienced bullying and harassment at the hands of Aldermen abusing their power in Chicago, with particular emphasis on Alderman La Spata of the 1st Ward. We seek to create a united front to bring an end to this abuse and empower Chicago businesses to come forward. Our collective strength will shine a light on these injustices and ensure that all local businesses receive fair treatment and support.

This is a culmination of an alarming and unjust situation faced by the Irish Nobleman Pub, a beloved community establishment. We must unite to bring attention to the string of harassment and retaliation the pub has been enduring at the hands of Alderman La Spata's office. Our goal is to put an end to this unfair treatment and support this cherished business.

We call upon Mayor Brandon Johnson to intervene in Alderman La Spata's decision to revoke the outside dining permit for Irish Nobleman Pub. Mayor Johnson's support in rectifying this situation will not only ensure justice for Irish Nobleman but also serve as a critical message that abuse of power and retaliation against local businesses will not be tolerated in our city.

Here are the critical issues that need to be addressed:

Unwarranted Retaliation during COVID: It all began when Irish Nobleman Pub converted its dining room into a walk-up ice cream and concession stand window during the pandemic. Rather than showing support, Alderman La Spata's office questioned the legitimacy of their operations, even though it was undoubtedly part of their restaurant.

Request for Traffic Calming Solutions Ignored: During a challenging summer marked by violence, shootings, and reckless driving in the area, the Irish Nobleman Pub sought help from Alderman La Spata's office for traffic calming solutions. Instead of assistance, they were told to gather a petition, which was later dismissed without consideration.

Endless Inspection Hassles: Throughout the pandemic, the pub faced numerous unscheduled inspections, none of which resulted in any violations or warnings. However, the constant inspections, allegedly at Alderman La Spata's office's request, caused disruptions and unnecessary stress for the business.

Targeted for Festive Decorations: After receiving positive coverage for their festive outdoor decorations, Alderman La Spata's office sent inspectors to demand the removal of certain items. Despite complying, the harassment persisted, negatively impacting the pub and its patrons.

EOD Permit Denial and Reduction: Obtaining or renewing the Extended Outdoor Dining (EOD) permit proved to be an uphill battle for Irish Nobleman Pub. Alderman La Spata's office initially refused the EOD permit unless the pub gave up their small sidewalk cafe. Eventually, the permit was granted but with an unjust reduction in outdoor seating capacity.

Refusal to Engage in Dialogue: Instead of addressing the pub's concerns, Alderman La Spata's office has ignored their attempts to communicate. Once the pub mentioned seeking legal advice to explore their options, the office cut off all discussions, leaving Irish Nobleman Pub without a voice.

We, the undersigned, stand together against this unfair treatment and demand an end to the retaliation and harassment faced by the Irish Nobleman Pub. We call upon Alderman La Spata to engage in a respectful dialogue, address the concerns of the pub, and grant them the fair treatment they deserve.

Furthermore, we urge Mayor Johnson to advocate for policies that protect local businesses from such unfair treatment and retaliation. It is essential that our community's businesses have the freedom to operate without fear of unnecessary scrutiny or harassment.

Let's join forces to support local businesses, protect our community establishments, and advocate for equality and justice for all.

#SupportIrishNobleman #EndHarassment #FairTreatmentForAll

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Signatures: 2,371Next Goal: 2,500
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