Stop making victims in Wisconsin pay for their safety

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Victims of domestic abuse are encouraged to leave their abusers and protect their children. However, when they do, the Wisconsin (broken) legal system is designed to perpetuate the cycle of abuse by not only protecting the perpetrator and allowing them to use the court system to legally harass and abuse their victims by proxy, but they also force the victims to pay for their safety. An abuser can file a motion for anything at anytime so long as they pay the filing fee, then the courts order the victim to pay for things such as Guardian Ad Litem fees (which become astronomical when you have a perpetrator who fights them every step of the way. Perpetrators force their victims continuously into family court and make them pay for it, whether they can afford it or not, thus allowing them to financially abuse, control and torture and retaliate against their victims. Judges will also grant these motions forcing the victims to pay without ever having a hearing. This is of course on top of lawyers fees that the victim accrues to retain someone to help them navigate the courts and represent them. Most victims don’t have disposable income and the means to afford this like their abusers do and the victims (both parent and child) pay the ultimate price. In cases where abuse (domestic and child) have been established, the abuser should have to pay for the court costs. By allowing the current status quo to continue the courts are endangering the lives of survivors and sending the message that the perpetrators still maintain all control. Please help me fight not only for my family, but for those suffering just like me, and  those who will need the courts help in the future. Don’t allow us to become another statistic of domestic violence abuse/homicide that you see on the news. Tell Wisconsin legislators and judges that this needs to end now. Join our voice and help us stand up.