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Tennessee law makers have recently decided to send the controversial House Bill HB0229 (the Don't Say Gay bill), a bill that bans the open discussion of homosexuality in the classroom, to the House Education Committee. However, simply ignoring the topic of homosexuality will do nothing to make the subject go away. This bill encourages ignorance and silences the voice of many adolescents struggling to find their own identity. This bill is a harmful step backwards in our society and will only lead to more feelings of hatred later on down the road. Please, voice your support in ending the silencing of others. Show Tennessee law makers that it is okay to say gay. Learn more at our facebook page at

Letter to
State Senator Stacey Campfield
State Representative Bill Dunn
Tennessee State House
and 2 others
Tennessee State Senate
Tennessee Governor
We strongly request that you correct the mistake in the passing of the House Bill HB0229. This bill is a step backwards in our society and does not accurately represent the feelings of the majority of your constituents or the nation. Simply ignoring homosexuality in the classroom will do nothing to address the issue and will only open the room for more discrimination against kids struggling to find their own identities. Studies have shown that every year, more than 4,000 young men and women will commit suicide due to discrimination based on sexual orientation. Please, do the responsible thing for the people of Tennessee and the world. We strongly encourage to vote against House Bill HB0229.

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