Enclosed Dog Exercise Area, North Bondi

Enclosed Dog Exercise Area, North Bondi

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Started by Julie Cooper

"Australia has one of the highest rates of dog ownership in the world with 36% of households owning a dog, but as back yards have become smaller and leash laws enforced in many areas, it has become more difficult to exercise dogs safely off the leash while still keeping them under effective control. "Dogs that are well socialised and exercised are likely to be healthier, happier and less aggressive. Designated and enclosed off-leash dog areas provide a safe community setting where dogs can play." [1]

"We naturally tend to assume that off-leash parks are primarily for the benefit of our beloved dogs, but experienced dog park users know better. Enclosed off-leash parks offer just as many benefits to humans as they do to dogs: both to dog guardians as well as the wider community. They can exercise their dogs without much effort, socialise with other dog lovers, bond, and play with their animals, practice their off-leash training skills, and enjoy the entertaining antics of their frolicking four-legged friends"[2]

This petition is to ask the council to provide a fenced dog run/exercise/training area along the car park side of North Bondi. The park is primarily used by dog owners and private fitness groups. A fenced run would allow socialising and exercising of dogs without the risk of impacting on the enjoyment of other park users, allow owners to effectively manage their dogs when exercising, to play and run safely and would stop dogs running away onto the main roads out of fear or simply by chasing each other. In the past year there have been numerous dogs that have unfortunately ran onto the main road and have been killed. Devastating for many families and for drivers alike. Lets put a stop to this! Please share, we need as many signatures as possible within the next month. 


[1] Dr Susan Hazel-lecturer in animal behaviour, welfare and ethics at Adelaide University's School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

[2] https://www.catherinepark.com.au/about/newsfeed/the-benefits-of-well-designed-dog-parks-for-communitiespo0-;


265 have signed. Let’s get to 500!