No rezoning in Olivenhain to allow 300 apartments on RSF rd

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The City of Encinitas is currently proposing to rezone two parcels of land at the intersection of Rancho Santa Fe Road and Encinitas Boulevard from 2 dwelling units to the acre to 30 dwelling units to the acre.  The proposed rezoning would also permit 3 story buildings.  This property consists of the vacant field on the east side of Rancho Fe Road at the intersection with Encinitas Blvd. (the field from which the balloons take off), and a group of properties on the west side of Rancho Santa Fe Road at the same location.

                Rancho Santa Fe Road is a nightmare to drive at several times during the day because of the number of cars using it.  This monstrous  rezoning proposal  would only make it worse.  The rezoning would permit up to 181 units on the west side of Rancho Santa Fe Road and up to approximately another 130 units on the east side, for a total of over 300 units in that small area.

                For at least 40 years the residents of Olivenhain have been fighting to preserve the unique rural flavor of our community and there are many factors which make it a terrible idea to build high density apartments at the corner today:  greatly increased traffic, lack of sewer, noise pollution, light pollution, danger to pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobile operators, and inconsistency with the character of the community.  This location is the “gateway to the heart” of Olivenhain.  The unsightliness of over 300 apartment units as an introduction to a community which traces its history back to German farmers in the 19th century , and in which still reside descendants of those historical pioneers  cannot be overemphasized.  In addition, the school traffic on Encinitas Blvd., east of Rancho Santa Fe Road, in the morning and the afternoon, which makes that area nearly impassable, would only be exacerbated to the extreme.  Children and parents going to other schools in Olivenhain, or traveling to schools from Olivenhain would be subjected to substantially increased delays and increased danger because of the congenstion on the roads that would be caused by this proposed rezoning.

                The City Council will be voting on this proposal on June 20.  If you wish to preserve the quality of life in our community, and retain Olivenhain’s unique rural character, then you need to let your voice be heard.  We urge you to let the council members know of your opposition to this unwarranted , unnecessary, and unwanted  attack on the tranquility of our community. Please sign this petition and pass along to your neighbors before June 20.

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