Encinitas Housing Update-NO on Leucadia Site Selection AD8, O7, AD7

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June 24, 2018

Leucadians oppose having 103 HIGH DENSITY 3-STORY HOUSING UNITS being built on sites # AD8, 07 & AD7 in northwest, coastal Leucadia, at the corner of Highway 101 and La Costa Ave and La Costa Avenue at Vulcan. These three (3) Leucadia sites must be moved to El Camino Real, Manchester, El Camino Real or elsewhere, where there is vast open space, functional roadways and infrastructure to accommodate high density, 2-3 story housing. And where it will be the least damaging to "community character" and impactful to existing neighborhoods and fragile coastal resources.

The City has included the 3 building sites in Leucadia  (to be part of the CA state Law mandated Housing Update that requires Encinitas to add  +1,200 high density housing units throughout the city). Current California state law requires cities upzone/rezone to accommodate the growing population and low income earners.

The immediate Leucadia area, our roads and local schools cannot accommodate 103 additional housing units. Combine the 103 unit high density housing with the new  220 hotel rooms at the Encinitas Beach Hotel (bottom of La Costa Ave at Ponto), 22 unit Surfer Point Time-Share (101 at La Costa headland overlooking the lagoon), 46 home subdivision to be built on La Costa (west of Chevron) and 17 room Boutique Hotel next to the Chevron and say goodbye to Leucadia community character, quality of life, public safety and ability to get around by car, bike or foot. The grand total of all this will crush coastal Leucadia.  There is no infrastructure to accommodate this or anything close and no money to pay for new infrastructure. No planner, elected official or City Manager would jam this much development in to one fragile tiny swath of coastal land at the same time! Just think of how many more cars and people it will bring to the neighborhood and new daily car trips.  Leucadian's oppose Housing Update sites AD8, O7 and AD7 in Leucadia. 

One of the reasons that the city incorporated back in 1986 was to have local control and to protect all 5 distinct communities that make up Encinitas. Leucadians want the Encinitas City Council & Mayor to do just that and to protect our coastal community from over-development and high density housing. Leucadia is NOT the place for it here and/or now.

Leucadians vote NO on these 3 sites and NO on the November Housing Update if it includes any or all of these sites.


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